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Posted on April 19, 2007


I just came across In fact, now I look at the picture of one of the editors, I’m pretty sure we met at Mweb…will have to dig out my cards.

Actually, that reminds me of an idea I had once about business card cataloguing. Strikes me that you spend conferences having interesting conversations with people, collecting their cards and then generally forgetting what it was you all said to each other. Or at least I do. Maybe there’s some social business card software idea in there somewhere. We could give everyone bluetooth badges which flash when you go near someone you want to meet…and location-based tools for finding other people…and note taking tools which transcribe your conversation into a blog post and podcast…and…and…

* drags self back to real life *

Anyway, there’s apparently a 2-day conference about web2.0 ishness in museums. Museumlab put it better:

Cultuur 2.0 is a 2-day international conference and laboratory to introduce a Web 2.0 mindset into the creative processes and strategies of cultural institutions. The conference will be held at Felix Meritis on May 30-31 in Amsterdam.”

Not sure I’ll be able to swing it, year end, no budget, just got back from SF, etc etc. But if anyone goes, let me know. Maybe next year.

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