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Posted on April 21, 2007


Here’s a question. Has anyone done anything in the museum context with 2d barcodes, semacodes, phone barcode readers…?

Nokia is piloting some stuff which is going to help the momentum – barcode readers are now standard on a few of their N series phones. Also Microsoft is sniffing around too. At one point there was a link to some stuff on their “Live Ideas” pages but it seems to be redundant now.

The basic idea in case you don’t know is to tag real world stuff (including, potentially, museum objects) with “2d barcodes” (see example below). Pointing your cameraphone at the code – provided it has software installed – delivers content, or takes you to a url.

Until now this has been a great idea but problematic – as per my previous post about My Art Space, the number of people likely to install software on their mobile is extremely limited. But once a telco begins taking this seriously and shipping phones with software pre-installed, stuff will definitely begin to happen.

Have a look at The Pondering Primate for a great lowdown on what’s happening in this space. There’s also a list of the Physical World Connection companies – it’s an absolutely saturated space, just waiting for a leadning standard to emerge

Here’s the Nokia barcode for

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