museum backstage

Posted on April 30, 2007


There’s a great post on innovation which I just found on my latest favourite museum blog, Museum 2.0. Seb Chan joins in the debate in the comments – essentially the same stuff which I started to touch on on my earlier post, only this time the question is about the dislocation between a (conservative) institution and a (bleeding edge) development team – can they exist in the same space under the same brand, or should they be disparate parts of the institution…?

I started thinking about this from a different direction while talking to people at Museums and the Web – my suggestion was that we sandbox development processes by providing an environment for rapid build which is remote enough from the institution that we lose the fear but close enough that we can steal a few resources, time and ideas. I guess it’s BBC Backstage, but for the museum sector.

Ultimately, I’m still trying to convince myself that you really can develop pithy, cutting edge stuff and at the same time answer to an age-old institution with fairly conservative audiences. Not to mention staff. The more I see, the more I see which is starting to break out of the treacle. But I also know that this stuff is still an issue for many museums, and I know I’m lucky working at an institution which encourages this kind of working