powerset growth = gartner hype curve

Posted on May 6, 2007


Strange that the latest post on Techcrunch doesn’t seem to mention the obvious connection between the Powerset graph for predicting growth for new startups and the Gartner Hype Curve which I’ve talked about a few times, and used in our Museums and the Web presentation

powerset growth = gartner hype curve

It’s an obvious and well established model. A first boom in interest, a trough as people decide they weren’t that interested after all, and then a steady rise (or so the startup hopes..) to the service plateau where growth continues but in a more measured, sustainable way.

I’ve been wondering whether the Garnter Hype Curve is one of life’s immutable laws – something that applies to almost anything you care to point it at, from fashion to technology. Another one is the Power law (lots of small things, a few big ones). Interesting…

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