opening soon: the world’s most dangerous museum

Posted on May 20, 2007


“A fully engaging, sensory experience for guests. Murals and realistic scenery, computer-generated visual effects, over fifty exotic animals, life-sized people and dinosaur animatronics, and a special-effects theater complete with misty sea breezes and rumbling seats.”

Sounds good? Yeah. I thought so, too. Until you look at the topic matter or the URL:

Apparently $27 million has been spent on this museum which will have exhibits showing humans sharing space with dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark. The caption under the lead image on the where I first read about this reads: “The museum has permanent staffers sign a statement of faith that says they believe that dinosaurs and man once co-existed.”…

The interesting (read: scary) thing about this is that while freedom of speech of course allows anyone to hold these views, the fact that they are framing these beliefs within a museum context lends some kind of credibility – which of course anyone with a sane head on their shoulders knows is false.

There are probably some parallels with the discussions we’ve all had about museum authority and web2.0 but to be honest I just wanted to post about something off-topic because it pissed me off. I’ll flag it as irrelevant and then you can avoid future posts next time I rant 😉