Mashed Museum / museum directory

Posted on June 27, 2007


Mashed museum - museum directory screenshotI’ve posted a page about how I built the museum directory mashup which I demonstrated during my talk at the UK Museums on the Web conference last week.

This started off as a KML file for displaying UK museums on Google Earth but the natural direction was to push it into a simple framework which queried a couple of web services for pictures and so on.

As you’ll see from my notes, this is not a complete museum listing and its accuracy is far from guaranteed BUT it hopefully demonstrates something vaguely interesting…The 24hr museum have just given me a complete CSV file of UK museums which I’ll munge in when I’ve got a spare second – I also hope to extend the app with some more API calls and other bits shortly.

Meanwhile I’ve got a frustrating and very weird problem which you may be able to help me with. If you look at the bottom of the mashup you’ll see there’s a link to the KML file – theory is you click on this and the museum listing gets superimposed onto your Google Earth app. Problem is I can’t get the link to work. The file is 100% absolutely, definitely there when I FTP in. I’ve renamed it, fiddled with the encoding, checked the syntax, uploaded other files into the same directory, changed the permissions…but I’m f*d if I can get the link to work. Anyone got any bright ideas…? It may save me some sleep…

Update: Yup, Frankie was right, it was indeed a MIME type problem. My hosting co. have now sorted this so the KML link should work. Huzzah. Thanks, Mr. Roberto.