API: “the nubby bits on Lego”

Posted on April 10, 2008


Aaron Cope from Flickr gave a good talk this morning entitled “The API As Curator” which meandered its way around but contained some gem quotes and ideas:

“once upon a time I was a painter, and then the web happened”

“you do art to share it”

“the web: it seemed a perfect way around the gallery system, which as an artist is the bane of your life”

“I come in peace”

“making the web’s plumbing non-scary”

“if you’re talking about the web then sooner or later you have to talk about computer programming”

and my favourite one of all:

“An API is the nubby bits on Lego”

He focused in general on the importance of the both the developer as permanent and valued member of any creative web team, but also the process of development itself: the iterative, always changing, rapid-cycle and how important this is to anyone trying to remain innovative and creative online.

But “nubby bits” is still the piece that stays with me 🙂

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