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Everyware. Bring it on.

February 1, 2008


I love it when people as influential as Tim O’Reilly blog about stuff which really floats my boat. I’m an enormous fan of the concept of Everyware – the ubiquitous web – augmented reality – the spime – the whole notion of accessing the web from the “real” world, not just from a desktop PC. […]


October 18, 2007


I got a notice in my inbox today that Chumby Industries are finally (after what seems a loooong time) beginning to ship the first Chumbies to early adopters. I tried very hard last year with a series of increasingly sycophantic emails to Chumby to secure myself an beta model, and failed dismally, but at least […]

AIR coming of age

June 13, 2008


Now is a hugely exciting time to be involved in the web. I believe we’ll look back at the early 2000’s with a sense of awe at the rate and extent of technological change. Personally, I believe it’s faster and more engaging than it ever has been before. The 1990’s were exciting in a different […]

2008 (a little late…)

January 11, 2008


If you write a blog, I’m discovering that you pretty much have to do a January post with either a review of the previous year or a punt at what the future holds. I’ll leave the review bit to others, but here’s my personal mind-dump for the big things of 2008… Facebook, Schmasebook I reckon […]

what I do

October 16, 2007


I present at various conferences, and provide things like training workshops too: always about the web and what we do with it and usually about social media, mobile, innovation and that kind of thing. If you’d like me to speak or workshop at something you’re organising, drop me a line by commenting on this page. […]