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electronic museum – a bunch of thoughts on innovation, the web, and what we do with it.

This was once a complex (albeit very clever XML/XSLT) build and I had big aspirations for world domination. Then I got a bit distracted with some other stuff and when I came back here I realised I’d built a bit of a beast which simply couldn’t be managed. Lesson 1 – don’t get carried away with the tech. You would have thought I’d know that having done this stuff for 10 years or so. But no.

So this is #2. For starters, some blog posts. I’ve got some other thoughts but will keep ’em to myself until they’re a bit better formed…

Please note that the Electronic Museum is not sponsored by, affiliated to, hosted by, paid for, influenced by, in debt to or generally attached to any organisation or professional body. Any opinions that you read here are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily represent those of the organisations for which I work or have worked previously.

This blog is Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike, by the way


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  1. Hello Mike,

    This seems the birth of a wonderful blog 🙂
    Your lecture at mw2007 was fantastic!!! and also the previous paper. Thanks for your insights. I will keep hooked on “electronic museum”

    Take care,
    Pilar Gonzalo

  2. Thanks Pilar!


  3. Hi Mike,
    I don’t think we ever met but I have been working at the NRM (York) since 2005 and before that I was a Software Producer for Granada Learning managing the development of a VLE (LearnWise) and an online testing engine called (TestWise). Anyway I just wanted to ask you if you have ever come across any blogs being used with the museum sector as a means for delivering primary source historical data – I have always thought that it would be possible to run a ‘retro-blog’ in which an existng diary or journal (in the case of the NRM perhaps a Station Masters diary) could be turned into a blog in the sense that each day/week/entry records word for word what had been written in the original source but is delivered through a blog package and allows online visitors to contribute as per traditional blog. I would be interested to know if you have heard of anything of this type before?
    Paul (Lifelong Learning Officer, NRM)

  4. Hey Paul

    Interesting idea – have just responded to you via email



  5. See http://www.pepysdiary.com/ for an interesting approach to this.

    Of course, it works well because Pepys wrote as a diary, which fits the blog format well, but it could be applied to other original historical texts.

  6. Hi Frankie – thanks for this. It’s very interesting – I like the quite like the sound of
    ‘ The Blog of Samuel Pepys’!

  7. Hello Mike,
    Sorry to post in a comment, but I couldn’t find an email address..
    This message is from a group of history educators in Pennsylvania who have developed a Civil War project that is in the process of raising a modest amount of money to build prototypes for gathering additional partners.
    Our project, the Civil War Augmented Reality Project, is intended to enhance the experiences of visitors to Civil War sites. It is also intended to increase attendance and revenue for historic sites by offering both “high” and “low” tech experiences to best reach the majority of the population.
    We feel that our project is fulfilling a need that educators, park workers, technology enthusiasts, and Civil War enthusiasts have discussed in the past: How can historic sites both raise public interest in their institutions though technology, and not alienate the non-technical history fans?
    We have worked hard on the answer, and are interested in promoting our creative solutions.
    We would like to make clear that the project is not intended solely for Pennsylvania. It is our hope that the project will expand to other venues, as we feel that we have the ability to use our ideas to enhance the experiences of all Americans at historic sites.

    If you have a chance, please check out our blog:

    And our fun, Civil-War flavored funding campaign on Kickstarter:

    If you think that our project has merit, we would be delighted if you could mention it in your blog.

    Here are a few other links of interest regarding our project:

    A recent newspaper article:

    Other recent blog posts:

    Our Facebook page:

    Our Twitter account page:

    Thanks very much for considering us!

    The Civil War Augmented Reality Project
    Jeff Mummert- Hershey High School and York College of Pennsylvania
    Art Titzel- Hershey Middle School
    Jay Vasellas- Red Lion Area High School and York College of Pennsylvania


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