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Why 3 won’t replace 2

February 23, 2009


I was at the Hague during the latter part of last week, doing a keynote at CATCH // Museum 2.0. The organisers had seen me talking at “Kom je ook?” and asked me to go over again. This talk – “Why the Social Web is here to stay (and what to do about it)” is […]

Introducing OneTag

March 24, 2008


You might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front for the last couple of weeks. This is because I’m having a drive to send some ideas partying and have therefore been knee-deep coding my latest project most evenings. I’ve put together an idea for people who run conferences or events. It’s […]

Scarcity vs scale

January 14, 2008


I’ve been finishing off the openness paper this week (taking me a long time to get my ideas together at the mo..) and doing some thinking around how you manage to still make money in this brave new world of free, open, readily available everything. Actually, let’s not call it making money but creating value, […]

Semanticism. Semanticness. Semanticitivity.

December 10, 2007


Ever found yourself struggling to answer the question “but what is the Semantic Web? Can’t you give me an example…”? When I was talking at a UKSG seminar recently, one of the deligates asked one of the presenters exactly this – how the Semantic Web might work in practice. The response was slightly woolly – […]

Social graph, attention data, openid and stuff like that

November 8, 2007


I’m at a one-day conference on OpenID and education, organised by Eduserv. I’m live blogging over on our new Eduserv PSG blog, and that’s hard enough to do in one place, let alone two so I have no intention of doing the same here 🙂 Just a quickie: during coffee break I had an interesting […]

Commoditisation of IT. And ducks.

October 8, 2007


I said on a previous post that I’d write more about Simon Wardley’s excellent presentation at the Future of Web Apps conference. He’s now put the presentation on Slideshare but warns (and he’s right) that it’s not an easy one to digest without the audio. Apparently FOWA are going to be publishing the sound for […]

Museum directory v2.0

July 3, 2007


In my previous post about the “museum directory” I built at UK Museums on the Web mashup day, I mentioned a museum address CSV file from the 24hr Museum which I planned to put use at a later date. The original source I had contained *really* dodgy data and only about 380 institutions – I’d […]

Mashed Museum / museum directory

June 27, 2007


I’ve posted a page about how I built the museum directory mashup which I demonstrated during my talk at the UK Museums on the Web conference last week. This started off as a KML file for displaying UK museums on Google Earth but the natural direction was to push it into a simple framework which […]

Web Adept

June 24, 2007


‘Web Adept‘, the UK Museums on the Web conference has been and gone, and I reckon it’s been another interesting year – I really enjoyed helping pull together Mashed Museum and the conference day itself was good too, no to mention the usual opportunities to get together with people you haven’t seen for a while […]

#2 Mashed Museum

June 22, 2007


Cheating a bit, as it’s no longer hack day. But who’d notice? I’ve just given my presentation on what we all achieved yesterday. When I’m not writing this on my PDA, I’ll upload and link it. Until then, here’s a list of what we did: – a Yahoo Pipes ‘find museums near…’ – uk museums […]