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Ten things a web designer would never tell you

February 6, 2009


Following the barcamp (BathCamp) that we ran last year, I was looking for a way of maintaining some momentum around the local tech scene, and decided to put together a monthly evening meetup. The first of these was on Wednesday 4th Feb. Talking at the event were two pretty well known people from the web […]

Specification Hell

January 6, 2009


I just spent my afternoon working on a 50-page functional specification.  Now that I’ve been on the agency side for more than a year, I’m confident in reporting that agencies hate reading specifications almost as much as clients hate writing them.  The world is full of dry documents, and I try (probably like most people) […]

Photosynth – the emphasis is wrong

August 6, 2007


Microsoft have released another demo for Photosynth, this time of space shuttle Endeavour on the launchpad. To date I’ve *almost* loved this technology – the means by which the software automatically patches together bits of images is ridiculously cool. The end result is very slick, but feels slightly as if the presentation is more important […]

Ticket to ride. Just.

August 2, 2007


The examination of what makes for a good user experience is absolutely vital, and as you’ve probably gathered, I – like many others – think we ‘providers of tech’ often get basics wrong. In fact, depressingly, web/tech products seem to get things wrong more often than they get them right. In order for this wrongness […]

Visualising collections

July 24, 2007


I’m a big fan of the diagram. Anyone who has worked with me knows I tend to put ideas down as organograms, mind-maps and other scribbles: I’m pretty bad at understanding concepts unless I can sketch them. Visual cues, linkages, the ability to promote ideas, connect them together – all of these seem incredibly valuable […]

Techcrunch looks crap!

July 6, 2007


I just had a bit of a shock. I’m an avid reader of TechCrunch – I like the topic matter, the bitchiness of Michael Arrington, the writing style, the fact that it’s a superb place for finding out about tech stuff. But for about as long as I’ve read it, I’ve subscribed to their RSS […]

Thought clarification: JUST DO IT but FOR A REASON

July 2, 2007


A long and interesting thread broke out on the Museums Computer Group mailing list today about how museums could use Facebook to their best advantage. As I said on the thread – although the question about how Facebook deals with organisations vs individuals is interesting, the key question to me is what we’re trying to […]