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October 18, 2007


I got a notice in my inbox today that Chumby Industries are finally (after what seems a loooong time) beginning to ship the first Chumbies to early adopters. I tried very hard last year with a series of increasingly sycophantic emails to Chumby to secure myself an beta model, and failed dismally, but at least […]

Au revoir, Science Museum…

September 23, 2007


The 14th September 2007 marked the end of an era, for me anyway. I’ve been at NMSI, the National Museum of Science and Industry, for just over 7 years, and that was my last day. I move on, as anyone does from a job they’ve lived and loved for that length of time, with a […]

Netvibes universe for NMSI

August 2, 2007


I got involved with Netvibes a long time ago, first as a user and then briefly when I helped them out with some dodgy English translations. That’s how I came to be invited to set up a Netvibes Universe before the beta was opened to the public. If you haven’t used or come across Netvibes, […]

Stufflinker – I need your help

August 2, 2007


I’m looking for more beta testers for Stufflinker, my mobile and social bookmarking tool. Stufflinker lets you save thoughts, urls and other, er, stuff, while you’re out and about using text messages, as well as the creation of ‘stufftags’ which link through to specific content on the web. To take part in the beta you […]

Why am I learning this stuff?

July 30, 2007


As I mentioned on a previous post, I smuggled my PC on holiday and had a go at learning Ruby on Rails. I’m not going to spend much time talking about what I think. Needless to say, I had fun starting from knowledge = nil and gently climbing up the learning curve towards knowledge = […]

Museum directory v2.0

July 3, 2007


In my previous post about the “museum directory” I built at UK Museums on the Web mashup day, I mentioned a museum address CSV file from the 24hr Museum which I planned to put use at a later date. The original source I had contained *really* dodgy data and only about 380 institutions – I’d […]

Thought clarification: JUST DO IT but FOR A REASON

July 2, 2007


A long and interesting thread broke out on the Museums Computer Group mailing list today about how museums could use Facebook to their best advantage. As I said on the thread – although the question about how Facebook deals with organisations vs individuals is interesting, the key question to me is what we’re trying to […]

Guest post on UK Web Focus

July 1, 2007


Brian Kelly asked me to do a guest post on his UK Web Focus blog. You can read the post – “Go forth and mash” here.

Google Mashup Editor: first impressions

June 30, 2007


I just got my alpha sign-in from Google for their Mashup Editor. Immediately, this ruined any good intentions I have for finishing off my shed but hey, every sane person is in bed at 7am on a Saturday morning, so it’s time in lieu as far as I’m concerned. First impressions: true to Google style, […]

Send your ideas partying

June 29, 2007


I stumbled across Paul Walk’s post on breakthroughs a couple of nights ago and meant to have a serious conversation with him during our regular ElPub gathering. Instead I was wearing a silly hat (Facebook login required) and no such conversation happened. The point he’s picked up on is a good one. Stuff happens when […]