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King Knol

December 18, 2007


(^ That title was vaguely supposed to be a play on “King Knut” but it didn’t really work out…) Seb has posted about an article on OpenCulture where the author compares Google’s Knol project to Wikipedia. OpenCulture ultimately comes down hard on Google, reckoning that the Wikipedia “editing by masses” model is a better one. […]

Mashed, rehashed

December 6, 2007


I love it when I find something which re-uses a technology which has been around a while in a totally new and innovative way… Google maps, right – mashups – all that? Yeah, I know some of us (me too) are still pretty excited about the whole thing…but how about plotting incoming opinion in real […]

Au revoir, Science Museum…

September 23, 2007


The 14th September 2007 marked the end of an era, for me anyway. I’ve been at NMSI, the National Museum of Science and Industry, for just over 7 years, and that was my last day. I move on, as anyone does from a job they’ve lived and loved for that length of time, with a […]

Freebase is live

August 26, 2007


Freebase has now opened its doors to anyone, at least for those who just want to browse and search. Looks like you’ll have to wait a while longer if you’re wanting to contribue. I’m still really interested in what Freebase brings to the party; how it compares and is different to Wikipedia – but most […]

Mashed museum

June 19, 2007


I’m getting very excited about the UK Museums on the Web spring school – this year Ross has asked me and Dan Z to help organise. We’ve come up with the concept of Mashed Museum. This will be a kind of hack day unconference type thing – a bunch of like minded museum tech types […]

Freebase: I’m in…

May 19, 2007


I got a sign-in for the alpha release Freebase a few days ago and I’m pretty interested in what I’ve seen. Freebase is, to quote a couple of commentators: “possibly the most exciting thing to happen to the web for some time”. Or, as TechCrunch put it: “This is cool, unless it achieves consciousness and […]

metacrap, plam pilots, implicit and explicit miscellany

May 8, 2007


My god you can make a blog post look good if you just bung in some random words into the title… I just stumbled across a great interview between Cory Doctorow of boingboing fame and David Weinberger whose book “Everything is Miscellaneous” is due out in May. Cory says some fascinating things – as usual […]