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The Brooklyn Museum API – Q&A with Shelley Bernstein and Paul Beaudoin

April 16, 2009


The concept and importance of museum-based API’s are notions that I’ve written about consistently (boringly, probably) both on this blog and elsewhere on the web. Programmatic and open access to data is – IMO – absolutely key to ensuring the long-term success of online collections. Many conversations have been going on about how to make […]

Introducing OneTag

March 24, 2008


You might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front for the last couple of weeks. This is because I’m having a drive to send some ideas partying and have therefore been knee-deep coding my latest project most evenings. I’ve put together an idea for people who run conferences or events. It’s […]

The progress of content

January 8, 2008


I’m just helping Brian Kelly author a paper on Openness in Museums for the Museums and the Web conference later in the year. It just stuck me that the movement of content around the web has followed / is following a pattern a little bit like this: Phase I: content held as HTML within sites. […]

Open Education search

September 5, 2007


As some of you might remember, I put together a while back to demonstrate what could be done for collections searching with next to no cash (a fiver to register a domain), time (20 mins, tops) or effort (cut and paste). Underneath this is Google coop, an implementation of the big G’s search engine […]

Freebase is live

August 26, 2007


Freebase has now opened its doors to anyone, at least for those who just want to browse and search. Looks like you’ll have to wait a while longer if you’re wanting to contribue. I’m still really interested in what Freebase brings to the party; how it compares and is different to Wikipedia – but most […]

Netvibes universe for NMSI

August 2, 2007


I got involved with Netvibes a long time ago, first as a user and then briefly when I helped them out with some dodgy English translations. That’s how I came to be invited to set up a Netvibes Universe before the beta was opened to the public. If you haven’t used or come across Netvibes, […]

Why am I learning this stuff?

July 30, 2007


As I mentioned on a previous post, I smuggled my PC on holiday and had a go at learning Ruby on Rails. I’m not going to spend much time talking about what I think. Needless to say, I had fun starting from knowledge = nil and gently climbing up the learning curve towards knowledge = […]

Museum directory v2.0

July 3, 2007


In my previous post about the “museum directory” I built at UK Museums on the Web mashup day, I mentioned a museum address CSV file from the 24hr Museum which I planned to put use at a later date. The original source I had contained *really* dodgy data and only about 380 institutions – I’d […]

Thought clarification: JUST DO IT but FOR A REASON

July 2, 2007


A long and interesting thread broke out on the Museums Computer Group mailing list today about how museums could use Facebook to their best advantage. As I said on the thread – although the question about how Facebook deals with organisations vs individuals is interesting, the key question to me is what we’re trying to […]

Guest post on UK Web Focus

July 1, 2007


Brian Kelly asked me to do a guest post on his UK Web Focus blog. You can read the post – “Go forth and mash” here.