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Museum directory v2.0

July 3, 2007


In my previous post about the “museum directory” I built at UK Museums on the Web mashup day, I mentioned a museum address CSV file from the 24hr Museum which I planned to put use at a later date. The original source I had contained *really* dodgy data and only about 380 institutions – I’d […]

Clash of the networks

May 28, 2007


With the opening of the Facebook Platform a war has broken out, with the two sides aligned with similar views to the ones we talked about at Museums and the Web. On the one hand is MySpace, the rambling, ugly behemoth with over 100 million accounts, a closed database of users and no API. On […]

powerset growth = gartner hype curve

May 6, 2007


Strange that the latest post on Techcrunch doesn’t seem to mention the obvious connection between the Powerset graph for predicting growth for new startups and the Gartner Hype Curve which I’ve talked about a few times, and used in our Museums and the Web presentation It’s an obvious and well established model. A first boom […]

Fostering innovation

April 26, 2007


I’ve been thinking a lot about innovation since the Mweb conference. In fact, now I focus on it as a concept, I think I’ve been thinking about what it means and how you do it for considerably longer – probably since I started dabbling in this whole technology thing. A lot has been written about […]

The Machine is Us/ing Us, explained

April 22, 2007


Remember the Web2.0 video that went mainstream a while back – The Machine is us/ing us – a beautifully put together explanation of what it’s all about? Well apparently the guy who put it together – Professor Walsh (a cultural anthropologist, apparently..) was at the Web2.0 Expo, and explained the background to the video. It’s […]

“Hi honey, I’m home”

April 18, 2007


So. Back from the annual Museums and the Web conference, having spent a week chewing the e-cud with a bunch of like (and not so like) minded people. Saw lots of interesting talks, but as usual the time spent just hanging out with others is the bit which really gets the juices flowing. But there […]

Museums and the Web – day three

April 15, 2007


Mild hangover. Couldn’t get to the demos – woke late and then had some emails and other stuff to do. But got down in time to see Silvia talking about bookmarking. Very interesting stuff – lots of people trying various things, and obviously of great interest to me with my mobile bookmarking site stufflinker. She […]

Museums and the Web – day two

April 14, 2007


So. Day 2. Still on UK time, but the coffee seemed to help.. This morning we did a Birds of a Feather breakfast. I’ll admit I’ve never actually managed to get to one of these before but, hey, I’d been up since about 5 so what the hell.. We set up a table on museums and […]

Museums and the Web – day one

April 12, 2007


Oooh. So, here I am in San Francisco. 11 hours sitting in the same seat. A taxi ride. A hotel. Bumped into Ross on the plane which was cool, and did about an hour and a half of museum/e-stuff talking en route. That killed some time (and probably a few of the passengers near us..).   […]