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Search as content delivery

January 30, 2008


Warner music announced recently that it has filed a law suit against music search engine Seeqpod for all the usual copyright music industry wrongs. The interesting thing in this case is that Seeqpod don’t host any of the music you get to find: all they do is provide a (rather nice) user interface on top […]

Semanticism. Semanticness. Semanticitivity.

December 10, 2007


Ever found yourself struggling to answer the question “but what is the Semantic Web? Can’t you give me an example…”? When I was talking at a UKSG seminar recently, one of the deligates asked one of the presenters exactly this – how the Semantic Web might work in practice. The response was slightly woolly – […]

Open Education search

September 5, 2007


As some of you might remember, I put together a while back to demonstrate what could be done for collections searching with next to no cash (a fiver to register a domain), time (20 mins, tops) or effort (cut and paste). Underneath this is Google coop, an implementation of the big G’s search engine […]

Visualising collections

July 24, 2007


I’m a big fan of the diagram. Anyone who has worked with me knows I tend to put ideas down as organograms, mind-maps and other scribbles: I’m pretty bad at understanding concepts unless I can sketch them. Visual cues, linkages, the ability to promote ideas, connect them together – all of these seem incredibly valuable […]

Google tweaks again..

May 16, 2007


So much for not testing on a live evironment… My Google search results just turned up looking a trifle different. First of all this: …and then a couple of minutes later, this: TechCrunch wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. I’ve seen the left hand nav change that is on their post a couple […]