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What to do about Facebook?

June 10, 2011


Ah, Facebook. On the one hand: …this is the single most dynamic, engaged and engaging platform for user generated content that there has ever been. 500 million people, converging on a single web application. Wait, read that again – 500 MILLION people. That’s a noticeable chunk of the entire global population. That’s a totally, utterly […]

The diminishing returns of size

September 28, 2010


I gave a workshop last week to a bunch of museums in the North East entitled “Bootstrapping the Web”. Well, actually, it started off as that but following a questionnaire asking what they’d like to learn, the focus changed a bit to “How to do social media well”. I’m hoping the attendees learnt something – […]

The person is the point

February 6, 2009


This is just going to be a quickie, mainly so I get it out before I go away on holiday never to remember it again. At some point I might expand on it. Over the last few weeks in particular, we’ve seen the public finally sitting up and noticing Twitter. It’s been on the BBC, […]

All noise, no signal. Lifestreaming is a timesink

January 25, 2008


The fascination with various “lifestreaming” tools continues apace. Brian Kelly has been getting particularly excited about the regulation (or not, as his fellow Twitterers are shouting) of these tools. “We should have standards” he says. “No! Standards are boring”, everyone replies… In this particular area I have to say I pretty much fall on the […]

O is the new R

January 3, 2008


If you’re mired in confusion over the entire open standards debate – and frankly, it’s easy to get buried under the reams of material – then go check out It’s refreshingly simple, with a list of the current range of projects and standards under the “portable data” umbrella, links to the relevant Wikipedia entry […]

Mashed, rehashed

December 6, 2007


I love it when I find something which re-uses a technology which has been around a while in a totally new and innovative way… Google maps, right – mashups – all that? Yeah, I know some of us (me too) are still pretty excited about the whole thing…but how about plotting incoming opinion in real […]

Facebook poll: flawed, but do you care?

November 25, 2007


The long and frankly fairly boring (to those other than people like me, and probably you if you’re reading this..) debate continues about Facebook data – who owns it, who shares it, how it can be attributed, how open it is. Techcrunch as always pile into the debate with a simple point and a simple […]

Kid nicked for virtual theft. So what’s new?

November 17, 2007


The news that a Dutch teenager had been arrested on suspicion of stealing £2,800 of virtual furniture in Habbo Hotel raised a load of eyebrows, both across the blogosphere and in the mainstream media last week. It’s typical of the tabloid press to revel in this kind of thing but even (!) the Guardian on […]

Nonprofit Ning

November 17, 2007


Another quick one (c’mon, it *is* Saturday…) but just spotted a post on Techcrunch about a new white label social network made by specifically focussed on NFP’s. Ning already does this for general users, as do an increasing number of other players, but this is the first social network framework I’m aware of just […]