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King Knol

December 18, 2007


(^ That title was vaguely supposed to be a play on “King Knut” but it didn’t really work out…) Seb has posted about an article on OpenCulture where the author compares Google’s Knol project to Wikipedia. OpenCulture ultimately comes down hard on Google, reckoning that the Wikipedia “editing by masses” model is a better one. […]


December 2, 2007


There’s a lovely article over on the New York Times about the parallels between Facebook and tribal culture, examining what makes Facebook so intriguing (read, “sticky”) to its users. The main point made is that our friend-making in the “real” world is based around “orality” and not writing: furthermore, we examine ourselves through a lens […]

Social graph, attention data, openid and stuff like that

November 8, 2007


I’m at a one-day conference on OpenID and education, organised by Eduserv. I’m live blogging over on our new Eduserv PSG blog, and that’s hard enough to do in one place, let alone two so I have no intention of doing the same here 🙂 Just a quickie: during coffee break I had an interesting […]


October 18, 2007


I got a notice in my inbox today that Chumby Industries are finally (after what seems a loooong time) beginning to ship the first Chumbies to early adopters. I tried very hard last year with a series of increasingly sycophantic emails to Chumby to secure myself an beta model, and failed dismally, but at least […]

Multiverse…Ning for 3d worlds

August 5, 2007


Last week Kurt Stuchell did a potentially interesting thing by setting up a Ning site for Museums. He called it the Museum and Educational Social Network (MESN) and so far it seems to be gathering some traction as a place to interact about all things Museumy. With Facebook on everybody’s lips and screens at the […]

Thought clarification: JUST DO IT but FOR A REASON

July 2, 2007


A long and interesting thread broke out on the Museums Computer Group mailing list today about how museums could use Facebook to their best advantage. As I said on the thread – although the question about how Facebook deals with organisations vs individuals is interesting, the key question to me is what we’re trying to […]

More social

June 25, 2007


Readwriteweb has just started a new series called “All you need to know about…” and first up is e-learning 2.0. There are some great applications here – some of them are very familiar to me but others are new. Check out Nuvvo for example – “an easy way to build online courses and deliver them […]

Clash of the networks

May 28, 2007


With the opening of the Facebook Platform a war has broken out, with the two sides aligned with similar views to the ones we talked about at Museums and the Web. On the one hand is MySpace, the rambling, ugly behemoth with over 100 million accounts, a closed database of users and no API. On […]