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All noise, no signal. Lifestreaming is a timesink

January 25, 2008


The fascination with various “lifestreaming” tools continues apace. Brian Kelly has been getting particularly excited about the regulation (or not, as his fellow Twitterers are shouting) of these tools. “We should have standards” he says. “No! Standards are boring”, everyone replies… In this particular area I have to say I pretty much fall on the […]

Scarcity vs scale

January 14, 2008


I’ve been finishing off the openness paper this week (taking me a long time to get my ideas together at the mo..) and doing some thinking around how you manage to still make money in this brave new world of free, open, readily available everything. Actually, let’s not call it making money but creating value, […]

Teens, UGC, 59%: sorry, pardon?

December 24, 2007


An extraordinary statistic just published in a Pew Internet report on content generation by teens seems to imply that the 1% rule is a little out of kilter with the reality of what’s going on among the yoof. The report claims that 59% of American teenagers engage in at least one form of online content […]


December 2, 2007


There’s a lovely article over on the New York Times about the parallels between Facebook and tribal culture, examining what makes Facebook so intriguing (read, “sticky”) to its users. The main point made is that our friend-making in the “real” world is based around “orality” and not writing: furthermore, we examine ourselves through a lens […]

spEak You’re bRanes

November 26, 2007


In my continuing drive to see whether I am capable of browsing the entire web during my lifetime, I came across (actually, a friend posted it to Facebook..), a fantastically painful look at some of the incredible (read: worrying) stupidity and ignorance associated with the BBC’s Have Your Say section. If I was clever, […]

UKSG seminar

November 23, 2007


I was in London yesterday, attending (and presenting at) a UKSG seminar: Caught up in Web 2.0? Practical implementations and creative solutions for librarians and publishers. It was a good event – I got to meet a couple of interesting people and also had a chance to hear from a couple of sectors (publishers and […]

Launchball. Do interactives get any better?

September 24, 2007


I said in my last post that I’d be blogging about the new Launchpad interactive pretty soon. So here it is – the arrival of Launchball – the culmination of a huge amount of hard work by those fabulous fellows at the Science Museum, stunning Flash and visual stuff by digital marvels Preloaded and some […]